Acne Scar Myths: Clearing Up Misconceptions
May 03, 2018
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dermatology specialistsAs many as 50 million Americans are affected by acne on a yearly basis, making it the most common skin condition in the United States. Even if you aren't currently suffering from breakouts, acne scars can be a painful reminder of pimples past. With acne and acne scarring, it turns out that what you don't know can hurt you. We're clearing up some of the most popular misconceptions related to acne scars in today's post. We hope this information will inspire you to contact our dermatology specialists about the best acne scar treatment options to fit your needs.

MYTH: Tanning can minimize acne scars

Reality: Some people believe that getting a suntan will hide the appearance of acne scars. But increasing your sun exposure is actually one of the worst things you can do for your skin, particularly if you're dealing with acne scars. Tanning will often make acne scarring more prominent by darkening the pigmentation and can even slow down the healing process. It can also irritate your skin and make it look redder. Ultimately, getting a tan isn't recommended for anyone, as it can increase your risk of skin cancer and prematurely age your skin.

MYTH: Acne scar prevention is nearly impossible

Reality: You might have been told that you'll have to wait for your acne to completely heal before addressing the scars left behind. But you can (and should) prevent the scars before they occur. By cleansing your skin as recommended by your dermatology specialists, treating breakouts as soon as they occur, wearing sunscreen and moisturizer regularly, and refraining from picking, popping, or squeezing, you can reduce the likelihood of scarring.

MYTH: Acne scars last forever

Reality: You may be under the impression that your acne scars will never go away. When you've been dealing with these issues for a long time, it can certainly feel that way. But don't lose hope. Some former acne sufferers find that their scarring can be completely healed, while others with more severe scarring may find the majority of their condition can be healed. There is no "one size fits all" cure for acne scarring, but it's very likely that the appearance of your acne scars can be drastically improved over time. Of course, this process starts with finding qualified dermatology specialists who can create a treatment plan just for you.

MYTH: The more products you use, the better your results

Reality: Unfortunately, a lot of people think that acne is a result of unclean skin. This isn't the case at all, but this prompts many acne sufferers to over-cleanse their skin. Some may even go crazy with topical treatment products, thinking that more is better when treating scars. But piling on the products will likely have a negative result. Using too many of these products may irritate your skin and produce negative interactions. If you aren't sure whether a product is working, stick with it but don't add on extra products. Your skin needs time to adjust and to heal. Make sure you talk to your dermatologist before trying out a new treatment or adjusting the care regimen they've designed for you.

If you believe these acne scarring myths, you might not realize that there options available that can improve the look of your skin and improve your overall confidence. To find out more about acne scar treatments, contact your dermatology specialists today.