Everything To Know About MOHS Surgery
By contactus@769skin.com
August 26, 2019
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Mohs surgery has a 98% to 99% success rate for curing skin cancer, making it one of the most effective ways of curing cancer in the world. It's most often used in skin cancer, but it's also been effective in other conditions, including psoriasis. It's no wonder it's considered the Gold Standard in Skin Cancer removal. Here's everything you should know about Mohs Surgery, before you may need it: 

What To Know About Skin Cancer:

It is a common form of cancer, with one in every five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70. There are three common types of skin cancer: melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. While you may think you only have something less drastic like psoriasis, it's important to go to your doctor and get checked to make sure you're not at risk. 

What is Mohs Surgery good for?

As mentioned already, it's commonly used for skin cancer removal. However, there are more uses to it than you may think about. Psoriasis, a skin disease that shows with red scaly patches on your skin, can respond fairly well to Mohs Surgery. 

What Should I Do Before Surgery?

Before surgery, make sure your surgeon knows any other skin issues you may have, such as psoriasis or acne scars. They also need to know if you have any joint issues or heart murmurs to ensure you're taking antibiotics as needed. You'll also have to avoid things like vitamin E and alcohol to make sure your body is ready for the surgery. 

What's the recovery?

When it comes to other diseases like psoriasis, the recovery may not be as long. It fully depends on your skin and the condition it is in. However, not everyone will have a smooth time. You will experience discomfort for the next 24-48 hours, as well as watching your skin for any infections along the way. Depending on your skin doctor, you may even receive a bag of supplies to make sure your skin is taken care of during the recovery period. 


In conclusion, Mohs surgery is good for a number of issues that arise during skin cancer. However, it's very crucial to keep track of the skin on your body. As the largest organ, it's also one of the most vulnerable to cancer. Wearing sunscreen and staying indoors on hotter than normal days will help you deter skin cancer whenever possible. If you find yourself with cancer, consider Mohs surgery as a way to help you recover.