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When to See a Dermatologist for Hair Loss: Early Signs and Red Flags

Concerned about hair loss? Our team at Dermatology Associates Skin and Cancer Center in Panama City, FL, can help diagnose the issue and provide personalized treatment.  Hair Loss: What’s Normal and Read More

Understanding Eczema: A Dermatologist's Approach to Soothing Skin

Living with eczema can be both irritating and disheartening. However, the team at Dermatology Associates Skin & Cancer Center in Panama City, FL, is dedicated to helping you live without Read More

Acne Scars 101: Prevention and Treatment Options

Although acne breakouts can be uncomfortable and unsightly, pimples will usually go away with time and treatment. But for many, acne can leave lasting scars that can be difficult to Read More

Navigating Skin Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Mohs Surgery

Prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in a place like Florida, can leave you susceptible to skin cancers. According to the CDC, over 9 million Americans are diagnosed with this Read More

Popular Laser Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation: Which One Is Right for You?

Do you want more vibrant, radiant skin? Does your skin look older than you are? Is your skin surface uneven due to scarring or other causes? If this sounds like Read More

Botox 101: Understanding the Basics of Botulinum Toxin Treatment

Five skin doctors and a medical aesthetician head up the Dermatology Associates Skin and Cancer Center in Panama City, FL, and provide Botox services. Our practice offers many medical and Read More

Exploring Phototherapy as a Treatment Option for Psoriasis

If you have frequent psoriasis flare-ups or have a hard time getting the symptoms under control, you may want to explore phototherapy as a treatment option. Psoriasis laser treatment is Read More

What Are the Benefits of Miconeedling?

Dermatology Associates Skin and Cancer Center offers microneedling in Panama City, Chipley, Panama City Beach, and Marianna, FL, to help patients reduce signs of aging and get to their best-looking Read More

Tightening Your Skin With Morpheus8

Aging is a process that affects everyone, and it can affect how you look and how you feel about yourself. When you’re dealing with loose skin, it can be difficult Read More

The Benefits of Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is an innovative cosmetic procedure blending microneedling with radiofrequency energy, effectively rejuvenating skin texture and structure. It combines tiny needles that puncture the skin to deliver radiofrequency heat, stimulating Read More

Understanding Psoriasis: Types, Causes, and Symptoms

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition causing red, itchy patches due to rapid skin cell growth. It affects people of all ages, often appearing between 15-to-35 or later in life, Read More

All About Skin Cancer

The most common form of cancer is skin cancer. The good news is that skin cancer is extremely preventable and treatable when it’s caught at an early stage. You should Read More

Skin Cancer Surgery: What To Expect Before, During, and After

Skin cancer is a potentially life-threatening condition that develops when skin cells undergo malignant transformation. Overexposure to UV radiation, often from sunlight or tanning beds, is the primary cause. If Read More

How IPL Treatment Works

Skin imperfections can take a toll on your confidence. You may not feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror, and you might struggle in social situations. No Read More

Visiting a Dermatologist For Hair Loss Treatment

When you’re dealing with hair loss, you may not think to turn to your dermatologist for help. However, dermatologists can help find the best hair loss treatment for your situation. Read More

Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer: What You Need To Know

Mohs surgery is a specialized and highly effective procedure to treat skin cancer when the cancerous growth is in a delicate or cosmetically sensitive area. This surgery involves meticulously removing Read More

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